Season 1 Highlights added to Archives!

It was long overdue, but highlights from Season 1 of The Thread Podcast have been added to the archives.

Season 1 Podcasts:

Dating Eric – One of our 1st podcasts and still considered one of our best. The Thread discusses the sad state that is Eric’s dating life.

Iconic Events – Superhero and comic book films are discussed. This episode gave birth of our running “iconic” joke.

Jack Takes Over – The Thread discusses the final seasons of “24” and “Lost”. Our email discussions regarding these shows inspired the creation of the podcast.

Sports Scandals – Sports! It all started here.

SuperPod! Music Podcast – Local tunes, concerts, and favorite bands are discussed.

Non-Sparkling Vampire Cast – Zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Oh my! This spawned our annual Halloween podcast.


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