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The Thread S5Ep2: Talking About Watching TV

Which shows does Scott love? Which shows are making Eric cry? Which shows are slowly wasting away on Mike’s DVR? Which shows have Mark wishing them a horrible burning death in the depths of TV hell? The Thread discusses Fall 2013 shows.

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Sunday. Sunday!! SUNDAY!!!

Hello fan(s)! The Thread’s own “Suff” will be signing autographs for FREE at Boston Comic Con this Sunday, 8/4!


(Um…bear in mind he won’t actually have a booth, or a table, or be there in any official capacity whatsoever, but he won’t charge you to sign something. Even if you don’t want him to.)

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The Thread S4Ep18: SuperThread Confidential


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You were thinking it too…

ERIC: How’s everyone?  It’s half a ghost town at work today.  Eerie walking past the T-station on the way into my building and not seeing anyone there.  Got a parking spot on the first floor of the parking garage, which never happens.  One of my co-workers actually lives in Watertown.  He’s WFH, under the covers in the basement.

MARK: I’m fine.

SCOTT: I’m good as long as the SOB gives up, gets killed, or arrested sometime soon and the Red Sox game doesn’t get postponed.

MARK: Really Scott?  I mean really????  How can two geniuses such as ourselves be thinking the same thing.  Mind goggling!

ML: People can Google minds now?

SCOTT: ML, you can.

ERIC: I’m just hoping Boston Comic Con will still go on tomorrow!

MARK: What the hell Suff?!

SCOTT: I agree Mark. Eric, don’t be so selfish.

ERIC: Scott, I’m thinking of you as well.  You have time to make that AND go eat rice noodles.

SCOTT: Rice noodles? Because my wife is Asian?! Racist!

ERIC: I know.  I’m a terrible person.  Either that or I remembered that having to go eat pho was your lame excuse on Monday for not being able to go to Comic Con.

SCOTT: Eric, there was no such excuse. I was meeting up for dinner in the evening which does not overlap with Comic Con.

MARK: Really Eric?  You are worried about Comic Con being cancelled compared to a mad man being apprehended.  Why don’t you add to it and promote yourself by making a public statement that you will be at Comic Con.  Moron…

ERIC: Maybe I will!  Maybe I just will! Go Red Sox, Mark!

MARK: The Red Sox will show more comfort to the people as a whole than people dressed up in costumes and scaring more people in the area where mayhem was seen.

ERIC: I will be more comforted by someone dressed up as Wonder Woman.

SCOTT: Why do you want to see a man dressed as Wonder Woman? That’s rather gayish.

MARK: And I am sure he will treat you very nicely for a price.

ERIC: You and Scott shouldn’t project your own personal fantasies on to me.

MARK: Coming from the one that has a lightsaber armory.

ERIC: You’re the guys who want to see a man in a WW costume.

SCOTT: Eric, you brought up Wonder Woman, not us. You are projecting and backtracking. I wouldn’t choose Wonder Woman. She’s a beast of an Amazon. She might even have a penis. Plus, I’ve never seen her wash her hands on the invisible jet.

ERIC: Don’t be afraid of tall girls just because you are a tiny man. I brought up a WW costume.  *You* assumed it would be a dude in the costume.  Your mind took it there, because that’s what you secretly want to see.

SCOTT: Mark and I took it there because you love the cock.

MARK: Are you saying you are afraid of girls.  Perhaps you are more comfortable around guys?  IT’s ok.  There is nothing wrong with that. I would rather Princess Lea in the captured bikini and chained.  Now, that is a woman!

ERIC: She might be there too….

MARK: I doubt it.  That scene was 1983.  I believe Carrie Fisher is old and in rehab at this point.

SCOTT: I’d hope to see Power Girl. You need to have special powers to support a rack like that.


MARK: Eric, you and Shawn should dress up like The Tick and his sidekick the moth, Arthur.



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No Kryptonite in “Man of Steel”?

MARK: I just read an article about “Man of Steel” on Yahoo.  Apparently there will be no kryptonite in the movie.

MIKE: ….wha wha?

ERIC: Good.  It’s a tired old plot device.

MIKE: My guess/hope is that they’re not ruling it out as a ‘thing’, but just saying it’s not in this movie… made much more tired by the kryptonite island-thing in Superman Returns

MARK: Um….Tired old plot device.  It is a major piece comic book/movie knowledge and “truth”.  It is a BIG piece of his story line!

MIKE: Yeah. It’ll be back in in the sequel, either way. Probably more of a thing for the eventual Lex Luthor to use, if anything.

MARK: Hey, I agree the kryptonite island was pretty bad.  It’s like saying underneath the surface of an island there is this hand wheel and when turned makes the island disappear and/or move somewhere else.  However, it is still a major part to the storyline.

MIKE: Hey!  That was totally based on….something!

MARK: Well no doubt but seeing we were all influenced by “Superman II” it was a major piece to how the General and his cronies were defeated.

MIKE: My Pollyanna wish is that they never even mentioned any sort of specific details about the movie. I think the trailers are as good of an appetite wetter as one will find. ZERO need to officially mention that kryptonite isn’t in the movie. Also, there may be an ‘official’ announcement coming soon that Nolan and Christian Bale will have nothing to do w/Man of Steel, let alone whatever becomes of Justice League. Way to keep us on the hook, WB.

MARK: Just give me Iron Man 3 and be done with it.  It’s been one crap fest after another.

MIKE: Harrumph!

SCOTT: Until he needs to fight a human, no kryptonite needed. I’ll allow it.

MARK: Of course you would.  It will end up a perpetual seemingly unending fight between the two until a mirror somehow shows up out of nowhere (aka phantom zone) and Superman somehow gets the General in it.

SCOTT: …. And that’s why Kryptonians are scared of their own reflection.

ERIC: Anybody ever wonder why Superman never wove some sort of lead fabric into his suit to, you know, protect him from the kryptonite?

SCOTT: Duh! It wouldn’t protect his face. Moron.

ERIC: He could make a suit.  With a helmet.  Sure, lead is heavy, but he’s Superman.

MARK: It would be too cumbersome.  It would be like fighting in suits of armor.  Range of motion would be limited as well as sight.

SCOTT: Helmet still doesn’t protect his entire face. You of all people should know this considering you should probably be wearing one at all times.

ERIC: Not if he came up with a way to weave or infuse the lead molecules into fabric.  He could make a mask.  Plus, again, he’s Superman.  Weight wouldn’t be a factor.

MARK: I was not talking about the weight because the guy can pick up a frickin’ building without breaking a sweat but his range of motion will still be limited and his sight will still be limited due to the fact the fabric is made out of lead.

SCOTT: So he’d have to invent see-thru lead? Plus, Eric how do you know it already isn’t woven with lead into the suit. Have you read the label?

ERIC: His eyes would probably be vulnerable, yes.  But not his whole body.  He could still fly away if there was kryptonite.  Sure, he’d probably bump into a few things…..

MARK: I agree there will be a window of opportunity for him to fly away before the effects of the kryptonite consume him.

SCOTT: It would just be easier to get kryptonite allergy shots. Eric’s argument is stupid.

MARK: Yeah, kryptonite allergy shots are a winning argument.  You have been hanging out with Suff too long.

ERIC: Right, genius.  There would have to be kryptonite in the room for his skin to allow the needle to pass through and administer the shot.  You dumb, you so dumb.

SCOTT: He’s gotten shots before in that manner. Moron. I was obviously kidding about the allergy shots, but strangely, I forgot he kind of did get a Kryptonite allergy shot in All-Star Superman, so my comment is actually valid.

MIKE: For the record, I adore this conversation.

MARK: I am voting, nay, on validity.

SCOTT: I have the proof. It has been written!… and drawn! But doesn’t it all really come down to the question of how Superman has sex with Lois Lane. His super sperm would blow a hole right through her fallopian tubes.

MIKE: I mean, the co-pay alone! Jeeze Louise!

MARK: What the $20 to see the doctor?  I’m sure the Planet has good medical. I challenge this.  The use of “kind of” in your statement has me thinking it was something else.


MARK: As if you were reading anything that would lead you down this path where you would come upon this subject.

SCOTT: Superman basically was given hyper-exposure to Kryptonite to point where it killed him. His body was then launched into the sun. When he came back to life (thanks sun!) he was no longer affected by Kryptonite. That is why I say it is a bit like an allergy shot. Enough exposure to it and it no longer worked to weaken him. That or maybe Zombie Superman is immune.

ERIC: Zombie Superman vs. The Governor.

MARK: Well you said shot but then again I guess you played the Obi-Wan “from a different point of view” scenario there.  However, I am still arguing the “shot” terminology. Superman II, he was introduced to the rays of the kryptonian sun where he was turned “human”.  Good thing green crystal was still around to save his butt.

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The Thread S3Ep7 – The Geek Vote

In a Presidential election year, what better to discuss than an entire government run by comic book characters. The members of The Thread try to convince each other why their cabinet would be best for America.

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Season 1 Highlight – Iconic Events

Superhero and comic book films are discussed. This episode gave birth of our running “iconic” joke.

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