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The Misguided Children

Shawn Connors, a Hall-of-Fame friend of the podcast, has been chronicling his experiences while in the Marines. The guys at The Thread highly recommend checking it out:

Quick reads that are parts poignant, funny, vivid, and emotional. Shawn’s painting a helluva story here (he’s only really just ‘begun’ it), so be sure and keep this on your radar!

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The Pesky Poll

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In regards to the Boston Marathon tragedy…

Before returning to our regularly scheduled nonsense here at The Thread podcast, we wanted to acknowledge the terrible events that occurred in our hometown during the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon/”Marathon Monday” is a Holiday which brings its own local traditions; Most use the day to watch the 11am Sox game while casually feigning interest in how close the American got to 1st place. Whether one stays home, goes to a barbecue, or heads in to the Marathon route to support the runners, it’s a day best spent enjoying the company of friends and family. That’s all the people standing in the wrong place on Boylston Street were doing.

The events that occurred at 2:50pm on Monday, April 15th 2013 will never be forgotten by anyone. All of our thoughts and prayers are with those completely innocent people who have had their lives taken and or permanently altered by these events.

Boston Marathon bombings: How to help

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Wrestling Talk!

Just wrapped up the recording of the 2013 Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania Preview podcast. Shawn, Seth, Nick, and myself talked for two+ hours, bringing plenty of hot takes on 2013 Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s Wrestlemania card, and what’s good and not so good for ‘the business’.  Looking forward to releasing Part 1 on Tuesday!

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Hollywood’s Originality Has Fallen Down, Or Is Down Because It Has Fallen

My name is Mike. I enjoy movies.  I enjoy being entertained by movies. I can enjoy movies that are terrible.

What Mike doesn’t enjoy is the fact that there are two, count’em *TWO* terrible action movies coming out within 6 months of each other that both seem to revolve around the same 3 episode arc of the “24” season where terrorists attacked the White House. One stars King Leonidas rescuing President Two Face, the other has a male stripper working with Ray Charles to save the Country.

Bill Buchanan sure wouldn’t want it this way…

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