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Wrestling Talk!

Just wrapped up the recording of the 2013 Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania Preview podcast. Shawn, Seth, Nick, and myself talked for two+ hours, bringing plenty of hot takes on 2013 Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s Wrestlemania card, and what’s good and not so good for ‘the business’.  Looking forward to releasing Part 1 on Tuesday!

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Hollywood’s Originality Has Fallen Down, Or Is Down Because It Has Fallen

My name is Mike. I enjoy movies.  I enjoy being entertained by movies. I can enjoy movies that are terrible.

What Mike doesn’t enjoy is the fact that there are two, count’em *TWO* terrible action movies coming out within 6 months of each other that both seem to revolve around the same 3 episode arc of the “24” season where terrorists attacked the White House. One stars King Leonidas rescuing President Two Face, the other has a male stripper working with Ray Charles to save the Country.

Bill Buchanan sure wouldn’t want it this way…

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