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The Thread S5Ep6: Sportscast!

The Thread crew tackles Eric’s favorite topic: SPORTS! We discuss Olympic highlights, gays in the NFL, and the beginning of another baseball season.

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The Thread S5Ep4: RIPCast 2013

As another year comes to a close, The Thread takes a moment to reflect on celebrity deaths of 2013. Also, the results of our 2012 RIPCast celebrity death predictions.

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You were thinking it too…

ERIC: How’s everyone?  It’s half a ghost town at work today.  Eerie walking past the T-station on the way into my building and not seeing anyone there.  Got a parking spot on the first floor of the parking garage, which never happens.  One of my co-workers actually lives in Watertown.  He’s WFH, under the covers in the basement.

MARK: I’m fine.

SCOTT: I’m good as long as the SOB gives up, gets killed, or arrested sometime soon and the Red Sox game doesn’t get postponed.

MARK: Really Scott?  I mean really????  How can two geniuses such as ourselves be thinking the same thing.  Mind goggling!

ML: People can Google minds now?

SCOTT: ML, you can.

ERIC: I’m just hoping Boston Comic Con will still go on tomorrow!

MARK: What the hell Suff?!

SCOTT: I agree Mark. Eric, don’t be so selfish.

ERIC: Scott, I’m thinking of you as well.  You have time to make that AND go eat rice noodles.

SCOTT: Rice noodles? Because my wife is Asian?! Racist!

ERIC: I know.  I’m a terrible person.  Either that or I remembered that having to go eat pho was your lame excuse on Monday for not being able to go to Comic Con.

SCOTT: Eric, there was no such excuse. I was meeting up for dinner in the evening which does not overlap with Comic Con.

MARK: Really Eric?  You are worried about Comic Con being cancelled compared to a mad man being apprehended.  Why don’t you add to it and promote yourself by making a public statement that you will be at Comic Con.  Moron…

ERIC: Maybe I will!  Maybe I just will! Go Red Sox, Mark!

MARK: The Red Sox will show more comfort to the people as a whole than people dressed up in costumes and scaring more people in the area where mayhem was seen.

ERIC: I will be more comforted by someone dressed up as Wonder Woman.

SCOTT: Why do you want to see a man dressed as Wonder Woman? That’s rather gayish.

MARK: And I am sure he will treat you very nicely for a price.

ERIC: You and Scott shouldn’t project your own personal fantasies on to me.

MARK: Coming from the one that has a lightsaber armory.

ERIC: You’re the guys who want to see a man in a WW costume.

SCOTT: Eric, you brought up Wonder Woman, not us. You are projecting and backtracking. I wouldn’t choose Wonder Woman. She’s a beast of an Amazon. She might even have a penis. Plus, I’ve never seen her wash her hands on the invisible jet.

ERIC: Don’t be afraid of tall girls just because you are a tiny man. I brought up a WW costume.  *You* assumed it would be a dude in the costume.  Your mind took it there, because that’s what you secretly want to see.

SCOTT: Mark and I took it there because you love the cock.

MARK: Are you saying you are afraid of girls.  Perhaps you are more comfortable around guys?  IT’s ok.  There is nothing wrong with that. I would rather Princess Lea in the captured bikini and chained.  Now, that is a woman!

ERIC: She might be there too….

MARK: I doubt it.  That scene was 1983.  I believe Carrie Fisher is old and in rehab at this point.

SCOTT: I’d hope to see Power Girl. You need to have special powers to support a rack like that.


MARK: Eric, you and Shawn should dress up like The Tick and his sidekick the moth, Arthur.



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The Thread S4Ep16: The Best Baseball Podcast Of All Time

The 2013 MLB Season has just begun and it has already been interesting. Random injuries and brawls have taken out great players. A shitty 2012 Red Sox team has changed into a team with promise. But the big questions still remain: Who will make the playoffs? Is the Play-in game a good thing? Does Eric still know nothing about sports? And a listener poll asking “What is your favorite baseball movie?”

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The Thread S3Ep8 – The Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania Preview

The Thread brings in its Wrestling experts for a special podcast. Rasslin’ is discussed.


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The Thread S3Ep6 – The Fundamentally Sound Baseball Podcast

The Thread discuss trends, fantasy, and our top picks for the 2012 MLB Season.

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The Thread S2Ep5 – Fantasy Football Podcast

Something Fantasy Football related. Scott got lazy.

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Season 1 Highlight – Sports Scandals

Sports! It all started here.

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