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The Thread S4Ep19: USMC

Friend of the podcast (/podcasters) and USMC Veteran Shawn Connors recently sat down with The Thread to discuss his experience joining the Marines, being deployed to Iraq, acronyms, and thoughts on current military themed topics.

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The Thread S4Ep14: One Half of a Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 Preview

In this half of the Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 preview, Mike, Shawn, Seth and Nick discuss the WWE Hall of Fame inductees for 2013, wrestler’s who have passed away this past year, and the seemingly upward-trending state of the WWE roster. The guys also make some booking decisions, pushing some guys up and others out.

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The Thread S4Ep11: The Unnecessary Movie Preview

The Thread crew previews upcoming spring and summer movies. Film categories discussed include: Comedies Mark Will Hate, Superhero Movies Probably Better Than “The Green Lantern”, and Why the F*ck is The Rock in So Many Movies.

(Originally aired on 2/19/13)

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