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The Thread S4Ep20: Next Generation Podcasting

The Season 4 Finale of The Thread finds your favorite neighborhood podcasters discussing the big gaming reveals from this year’s E3. What new system ‘won’ Mark over? Did Scott change his Sony allegiance? How excited is Mike for Mad Max? Who will be the first of The Thread to go Next Generation console? Do these questions actually get answered?

NOTE: This podcast may not be republished, rebroadcast, or redistributed in whole or part with out the express written permission of Eric’s t-shirt.

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The Thread S4Ep19: USMC

Friend of the podcast (/podcasters) and USMC Veteran Shawn Connors recently sat down with The Thread to discuss his experience joining the Marines, being deployed to Iraq, acronyms, and thoughts on current military themed topics.

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The Thread S4Ep15: The Other Half of a Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 Preview

In the other half of the Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 preview, Mike, Shawn, Seth, and Nick go over all the matches on this Sunday’s WM29 card, and discuss the perception vs reality of how predictable the main event matches appear to be.

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Wrestling Talk!

Just wrapped up the recording of the 2013 Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania Preview podcast. Shawn, Seth, Nick, and myself talked for two+ hours, bringing plenty of hot takes on 2013 Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s Wrestlemania card, and what’s good and not so good for ‘the business’.  Looking forward to releasing Part 1 on Tuesday!

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