The Thread S6Ep6: Let’s All Go to the Movies

Get ready for your feet to stick to the cinema floor, it’s time for our 2015 Movie Preview Podcast.

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The Thread S6Ep5: The Threadys

Ladies and gents, it is once again time to roll out the red carpet for The Thread Awards! Awarding the best in cinema, television, video games, and music.

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The Thread S6Ep4: RIPcast 2014

Due to the timing of this recording, several notable celebrity deaths occurring within the last week were not discussed during this podcast. On the bright side, none of them were part of our 2015 deathpool predictions. Happy RIPcast 2014!

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The Thread S6Ep3: A Podcast Involving Christmas

The Thread gives you the gift of podcast! Happy Holidays to all our listeners!

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The Thread S6Ep2: DVR Problems

The Thread discusses Fall/Winter 2014 TV shows. This podcast was recorded in front of a live virtual audience.

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The Thread S6Ep1 – Where is The Thread?

Fat jokes, drinking, video games, and obscure movie references. The Thread is back! Season 6 is go!

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Season 2 and Season 3 Podcasts are now available!

Your day has been luckified! All Season 2 and Season 3 podcasts have been posted to the archives for your ear-sex-love.

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Season 1 Highlights added to Archives!

It was long overdue, but highlights from Season 1 of The Thread Podcast have been added to the archives.

Season 1 Podcasts:

Dating Eric – One of our 1st podcasts and still considered one of our best. The Thread discusses the sad state that is Eric’s dating life.

Iconic Events – Superhero and comic book films are discussed. This episode gave birth of our running “iconic” joke.

Jack Takes Over – The Thread discusses the final seasons of “24” and “Lost”. Our email discussions regarding these shows inspired the creation of the podcast.

Sports Scandals – Sports! It all started here.

SuperPod! Music Podcast – Local tunes, concerts, and favorite bands are discussed.

Non-Sparkling Vampire Cast – Zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Oh my! This spawned our annual Halloween podcast.


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The Thread S5Ep13: We Like (Most) Beer

For our Season 5 finale, The Thread gets drunk. In this episode we discuss the craft beer industry while enjoying a few beers from Anderson Valley, Independent Fermentations, and The Plymouth Brewtherhood. As an added bonus, we’ve included some of our “warm-up sessions” from the past season at the very end of the episode. Topics include: Sochi Olympics, You Know How I Know You’re Fat, “24”, and Fatt Damon.

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The Thread S5Ep12: The E3 2014 Review

Remember that feeling you got as a child when you found a new video game console underneath the Christmas tree? The Thread still gets that feeling every June with E3. We talk about the big game reveals from Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Nintendo. Video game boners for all our friends!

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The Thread S5Ep11: Q&ACast 2014

Time travel, fat celebrities, bad dates and carrots. You submitted the questions. We gave our answers. Thanks to everyone that contributed to our annual Q&A podcast!


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Hello fans,

The podcast is on a brief hiatus while our very own ML completes his performances of “Barefoot in the Park” at the Curtain Call Theater in Braintree, MA. In the meantime, please feel free to like or follow our other side projects such as Scott’s homebrew group “The Plymouth Brewtherhood“, Scott’s Kickstarter project “Drinking with Me“, and Eric’s band “Suspicious Hooligans“.

We will be back in June with our Annual “Q&A Podcast”. Feel free to ask us the craziest questions you can think of and we’ll tackle them. You can even post your questions below in the comments.

Thanks for listening!
The Thread

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The Thread S5Ep10: PAX East 2014

Another PAX East is in the bag. The weekend began with another great bar crawl and ended with the return of Eric’s PAX curse. Also, congratulations to all our bar crawl prize winners, especially Jason who won our grand prize “Portal Pack” which included a Portal 2 replica gun.


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Help Wanted: Be Part of The Thread Podcast!

It’s that time of year again, Thread fan! The time where we get into spring, and in doing so get super lazy and forego any semblance of show prep by letting you do the work for us!

The concept is simple: We’d like our fanbase to submit any manner of question or topic to us for a ‘mini-topic’ discussion. Last year we discussed topics from the most serious (“how to create world peace”) to the not-so-serious (“other names for lady parts”).  We try to answer as many questions as we can within an hour.

Submitting a Question

Here’s how you can be part of our next Q&A Podcast. We’ll (probably) read it during the recording!!

  • Click here to submit via email
  •  Leave it as a comment on our Facebook page
  • Tweet us your question
  • Leave it as a comment below

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The Thread S5Ep9: The Feel-Good Podcast of the Summer

Grab a bucket of popcorn and hide a bottle of water in your shorts. It’s time to gear up for our summer movie preview.

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PAX East 2014: Pre-PAX Charity Bar Crawl

Do you like fun, games and drinking? The Thread Podcast is once again hosting a bar crawl for PAX East’ers. This year’s Crawl will held on Thursday, April 10th.  We’re bringing the party closer to the convention center and hitting Boston’s Seaport area.

Last year we gave away video game downloads, collectibles, and one lucky attendee walked away with a BioShock Infinite Skyhook Replica before the game was even released.

The only way to find out what we’re giving away this year is to attend.

The Schedule

The Charity

The guys from The Thread will be collecting donations that night for Childs Play charity! Be sure to bring your generosity along with your Crawling shoes!

The Event

Visit our Eventbrite page for tickets NOW!!

Locations subject to change prior to event.

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The Thread S5Ep8: Threadaversary

March Twenty-something. 2010. A date that will live in vagary. That’s the day The Thread Podcast was bor…ah…recorde…well…its the Anniversary of The Thread Podcast. The boys from Boston discuss their humble beginnings from the streets of Boston, to the modern-day amenities afforded to the Thread Podcast in the suburbs of Boston. Reminiscing is had. Thoughts are shared. Eric is ridiculed.

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The Thread S5Ep7: What Are You Playing?

For a guy who is single, why doesn’t Eric finish more video games? When will Mike play “Fallout 4”? Will Mark get “Command & Conquer” rebooted? These video game topics and more are covered in our annual “State of the Video Games” address.

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The Thread S5Ep6: Sportscast!

The Thread crew tackles Eric’s favorite topic: SPORTS! We discuss Olympic highlights, gays in the NFL, and the beginning of another baseball season.

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The Thread S5Ep5: 2014 Thready Awards

People of the World, put on your Sunday’s best! It’s time once again for The Thready Awards. The Thread bestows its greatest honor upon the best and worst of 2013 in video games, television, movies and MORE!

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The Thread S5Ep4: RIPCast 2013

As another year comes to a close, The Thread takes a moment to reflect on celebrity deaths of 2013. Also, the results of our 2012 RIPCast celebrity death predictions.

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Pre-PAX East Pub Crawl 2014 is coming…

Due to the success of last year’s event, we will once again be hosting a Pre-PAX Pub Crawl. As always, there will be raffles, prizes, and food. More details to come.

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The Thread S5Ep3: ‘Tis The Season

One half of The Thread would like to wish you a “Happy Holiday”, while the other half wants this holy hell of a season to be over already. This week The Thread tackles all the festive topics: from gifts to drinking, from family get-togethers to drinking again, and from holiday characters to more drinking.

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The Thread S5Ep2: Talking About Watching TV

Which shows does Scott love? Which shows are making Eric cry? Which shows are slowly wasting away on Mike’s DVR? Which shows have Mark wishing them a horrible burning death in the depths of TV hell? The Thread discusses Fall 2013 shows.

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The Thread S5Ep1 – Late to School

The Thread Podcast is *finally* back to business. Scheduling conflicts have been resolved, and your 3,892’d podcast is back and more adequate than ever!

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Sunday. Sunday!! SUNDAY!!!

Hello fan(s)! The Thread’s own “Suff” will be signing autographs for FREE at Boston Comic Con this Sunday, 8/4!


(Um…bear in mind he won’t actually have a booth, or a table, or be there in any official capacity whatsoever, but he won’t charge you to sign something. Even if you don’t want him to.)

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The Thread S4Ep20: Next Generation Podcasting

The Season 4 Finale of The Thread finds your favorite neighborhood podcasters discussing the big gaming reveals from this year’s E3. What new system ‘won’ Mark over? Did Scott change his Sony allegiance? How excited is Mike for Mad Max? Who will be the first of The Thread to go Next Generation console? Do these questions actually get answered?

NOTE: This podcast may not be republished, rebroadcast, or redistributed in whole or part with out the express written permission of Eric’s t-shirt.

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The Misguided Children

Shawn Connors, a Hall-of-Fame friend of the podcast, has been chronicling his experiences while in the Marines. The guys at The Thread highly recommend checking it out:

Quick reads that are parts poignant, funny, vivid, and emotional. Shawn’s painting a helluva story here (he’s only really just ‘begun’ it), so be sure and keep this on your radar!

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The Thread S4Ep19: USMC

Friend of the podcast (/podcasters) and USMC Veteran Shawn Connors recently sat down with The Thread to discuss his experience joining the Marines, being deployed to Iraq, acronyms, and thoughts on current military themed topics.

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The Thread S4Ep18: SuperThread Confidential


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The Thread S4Ep17: Topic Buffet

Some topics aren’t worthy of their own podcast and that’s where the “Topic Buffet” comes in. From video game violence to robot sex, The Thread crew sets the timer to ten and tackles these tiny topics.

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You were thinking it too…

ERIC: How’s everyone?  It’s half a ghost town at work today.  Eerie walking past the T-station on the way into my building and not seeing anyone there.  Got a parking spot on the first floor of the parking garage, which never happens.  One of my co-workers actually lives in Watertown.  He’s WFH, under the covers in the basement.

MARK: I’m fine.

SCOTT: I’m good as long as the SOB gives up, gets killed, or arrested sometime soon and the Red Sox game doesn’t get postponed.

MARK: Really Scott?  I mean really????  How can two geniuses such as ourselves be thinking the same thing.  Mind goggling!

ML: People can Google minds now?

SCOTT: ML, you can.

ERIC: I’m just hoping Boston Comic Con will still go on tomorrow!

MARK: What the hell Suff?!

SCOTT: I agree Mark. Eric, don’t be so selfish.

ERIC: Scott, I’m thinking of you as well.  You have time to make that AND go eat rice noodles.

SCOTT: Rice noodles? Because my wife is Asian?! Racist!

ERIC: I know.  I’m a terrible person.  Either that or I remembered that having to go eat pho was your lame excuse on Monday for not being able to go to Comic Con.

SCOTT: Eric, there was no such excuse. I was meeting up for dinner in the evening which does not overlap with Comic Con.

MARK: Really Eric?  You are worried about Comic Con being cancelled compared to a mad man being apprehended.  Why don’t you add to it and promote yourself by making a public statement that you will be at Comic Con.  Moron…

ERIC: Maybe I will!  Maybe I just will! Go Red Sox, Mark!

MARK: The Red Sox will show more comfort to the people as a whole than people dressed up in costumes and scaring more people in the area where mayhem was seen.

ERIC: I will be more comforted by someone dressed up as Wonder Woman.

SCOTT: Why do you want to see a man dressed as Wonder Woman? That’s rather gayish.

MARK: And I am sure he will treat you very nicely for a price.

ERIC: You and Scott shouldn’t project your own personal fantasies on to me.

MARK: Coming from the one that has a lightsaber armory.

ERIC: You’re the guys who want to see a man in a WW costume.

SCOTT: Eric, you brought up Wonder Woman, not us. You are projecting and backtracking. I wouldn’t choose Wonder Woman. She’s a beast of an Amazon. She might even have a penis. Plus, I’ve never seen her wash her hands on the invisible jet.

ERIC: Don’t be afraid of tall girls just because you are a tiny man. I brought up a WW costume.  *You* assumed it would be a dude in the costume.  Your mind took it there, because that’s what you secretly want to see.

SCOTT: Mark and I took it there because you love the cock.

MARK: Are you saying you are afraid of girls.  Perhaps you are more comfortable around guys?  IT’s ok.  There is nothing wrong with that. I would rather Princess Lea in the captured bikini and chained.  Now, that is a woman!

ERIC: She might be there too….

MARK: I doubt it.  That scene was 1983.  I believe Carrie Fisher is old and in rehab at this point.

SCOTT: I’d hope to see Power Girl. You need to have special powers to support a rack like that.


MARK: Eric, you and Shawn should dress up like The Tick and his sidekick the moth, Arthur.



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The Pesky Poll

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The Thread S4Ep16: The Best Baseball Podcast Of All Time

The 2013 MLB Season has just begun and it has already been interesting. Random injuries and brawls have taken out great players. A shitty 2012 Red Sox team has changed into a team with promise. But the big questions still remain: Who will make the playoffs? Is the Play-in game a good thing? Does Eric still know nothing about sports? And a listener poll asking “What is your favorite baseball movie?”

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In regards to the Boston Marathon tragedy…

Before returning to our regularly scheduled nonsense here at The Thread podcast, we wanted to acknowledge the terrible events that occurred in our hometown during the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon/”Marathon Monday” is a Holiday which brings its own local traditions; Most use the day to watch the 11am Sox game while casually feigning interest in how close the American got to 1st place. Whether one stays home, goes to a barbecue, or heads in to the Marathon route to support the runners, it’s a day best spent enjoying the company of friends and family. That’s all the people standing in the wrong place on Boylston Street were doing.

The events that occurred at 2:50pm on Monday, April 15th 2013 will never be forgotten by anyone. All of our thoughts and prayers are with those completely innocent people who have had their lives taken and or permanently altered by these events.

Boston Marathon bombings: How to help

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No Kryptonite in “Man of Steel”?

MARK: I just read an article about “Man of Steel” on Yahoo.  Apparently there will be no kryptonite in the movie.

MIKE: ….wha wha?

ERIC: Good.  It’s a tired old plot device.

MIKE: My guess/hope is that they’re not ruling it out as a ‘thing’, but just saying it’s not in this movie… made much more tired by the kryptonite island-thing in Superman Returns

MARK: Um….Tired old plot device.  It is a major piece comic book/movie knowledge and “truth”.  It is a BIG piece of his story line!

MIKE: Yeah. It’ll be back in in the sequel, either way. Probably more of a thing for the eventual Lex Luthor to use, if anything.

MARK: Hey, I agree the kryptonite island was pretty bad.  It’s like saying underneath the surface of an island there is this hand wheel and when turned makes the island disappear and/or move somewhere else.  However, it is still a major part to the storyline.

MIKE: Hey!  That was totally based on….something!

MARK: Well no doubt but seeing we were all influenced by “Superman II” it was a major piece to how the General and his cronies were defeated.

MIKE: My Pollyanna wish is that they never even mentioned any sort of specific details about the movie. I think the trailers are as good of an appetite wetter as one will find. ZERO need to officially mention that kryptonite isn’t in the movie. Also, there may be an ‘official’ announcement coming soon that Nolan and Christian Bale will have nothing to do w/Man of Steel, let alone whatever becomes of Justice League. Way to keep us on the hook, WB.

MARK: Just give me Iron Man 3 and be done with it.  It’s been one crap fest after another.

MIKE: Harrumph!

SCOTT: Until he needs to fight a human, no kryptonite needed. I’ll allow it.

MARK: Of course you would.  It will end up a perpetual seemingly unending fight between the two until a mirror somehow shows up out of nowhere (aka phantom zone) and Superman somehow gets the General in it.

SCOTT: …. And that’s why Kryptonians are scared of their own reflection.

ERIC: Anybody ever wonder why Superman never wove some sort of lead fabric into his suit to, you know, protect him from the kryptonite?

SCOTT: Duh! It wouldn’t protect his face. Moron.

ERIC: He could make a suit.  With a helmet.  Sure, lead is heavy, but he’s Superman.

MARK: It would be too cumbersome.  It would be like fighting in suits of armor.  Range of motion would be limited as well as sight.

SCOTT: Helmet still doesn’t protect his entire face. You of all people should know this considering you should probably be wearing one at all times.

ERIC: Not if he came up with a way to weave or infuse the lead molecules into fabric.  He could make a mask.  Plus, again, he’s Superman.  Weight wouldn’t be a factor.

MARK: I was not talking about the weight because the guy can pick up a frickin’ building without breaking a sweat but his range of motion will still be limited and his sight will still be limited due to the fact the fabric is made out of lead.

SCOTT: So he’d have to invent see-thru lead? Plus, Eric how do you know it already isn’t woven with lead into the suit. Have you read the label?

ERIC: His eyes would probably be vulnerable, yes.  But not his whole body.  He could still fly away if there was kryptonite.  Sure, he’d probably bump into a few things…..

MARK: I agree there will be a window of opportunity for him to fly away before the effects of the kryptonite consume him.

SCOTT: It would just be easier to get kryptonite allergy shots. Eric’s argument is stupid.

MARK: Yeah, kryptonite allergy shots are a winning argument.  You have been hanging out with Suff too long.

ERIC: Right, genius.  There would have to be kryptonite in the room for his skin to allow the needle to pass through and administer the shot.  You dumb, you so dumb.

SCOTT: He’s gotten shots before in that manner. Moron. I was obviously kidding about the allergy shots, but strangely, I forgot he kind of did get a Kryptonite allergy shot in All-Star Superman, so my comment is actually valid.

MIKE: For the record, I adore this conversation.

MARK: I am voting, nay, on validity.

SCOTT: I have the proof. It has been written!… and drawn! But doesn’t it all really come down to the question of how Superman has sex with Lois Lane. His super sperm would blow a hole right through her fallopian tubes.

MIKE: I mean, the co-pay alone! Jeeze Louise!

MARK: What the $20 to see the doctor?  I’m sure the Planet has good medical. I challenge this.  The use of “kind of” in your statement has me thinking it was something else.


MARK: As if you were reading anything that would lead you down this path where you would come upon this subject.

SCOTT: Superman basically was given hyper-exposure to Kryptonite to point where it killed him. His body was then launched into the sun. When he came back to life (thanks sun!) he was no longer affected by Kryptonite. That is why I say it is a bit like an allergy shot. Enough exposure to it and it no longer worked to weaken him. That or maybe Zombie Superman is immune.

ERIC: Zombie Superman vs. The Governor.

MARK: Well you said shot but then again I guess you played the Obi-Wan “from a different point of view” scenario there.  However, I am still arguing the “shot” terminology. Superman II, he was introduced to the rays of the kryptonian sun where he was turned “human”.  Good thing green crystal was still around to save his butt.

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The Thread S4Ep15: The Other Half of a Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 Preview

In the other half of the Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 preview, Mike, Shawn, Seth, and Nick go over all the matches on this Sunday’s WM29 card, and discuss the perception vs reality of how predictable the main event matches appear to be.

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The Thread S4Ep14: One Half of a Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 Preview

In this half of the Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania 29 preview, Mike, Shawn, Seth and Nick discuss the WWE Hall of Fame inductees for 2013, wrestler’s who have passed away this past year, and the seemingly upward-trending state of the WWE roster. The guys also make some booking decisions, pushing some guys up and others out.

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Wrestling Talk!

Just wrapped up the recording of the 2013 Wrestlemania-sized Wrestlemania Preview podcast. Shawn, Seth, Nick, and myself talked for two+ hours, bringing plenty of hot takes on 2013 Hall of Fame inductees, this year’s Wrestlemania card, and what’s good and not so good for ‘the business’.  Looking forward to releasing Part 1 on Tuesday!

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Hollywood’s Originality Has Fallen Down, Or Is Down Because It Has Fallen

My name is Mike. I enjoy movies.  I enjoy being entertained by movies. I can enjoy movies that are terrible.

What Mike doesn’t enjoy is the fact that there are two, count’em *TWO* terrible action movies coming out within 6 months of each other that both seem to revolve around the same 3 episode arc of the “24” season where terrorists attacked the White House. One stars King Leonidas rescuing President Two Face, the other has a male stripper working with Ray Charles to save the Country.

Bill Buchanan sure wouldn’t want it this way…

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The Thread S4Ep13: PAXEast Was Here

From “Saints Row IV” to “The Last of Us”. From 3 hour lines to 4 hour pub crawls. From Mass Effect panels to dead Smurfs in a sink. Another PAX East has come and gone. This year we teamed up with the lovely Mos Eisley Girls to give you our first crossover podcast. Prepare for awesomeness.

Also, congratulations to everyone who won Steam downloads and our big prize winners, Chris and Jerry.

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Photos: The Thread/Mos Eisley Girls Pre-PAX East Bar Crawl

IMG_0021 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0011 601488_10151519502714490_2069862226_n 224707_10151519502829490_1725480895_n 208774_10151519502949490_1824898271_n 5949_10151519502824490_1545739811_n

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The Thread S4Ep12: The ‘Annual’ Thread Q&A

Which end of the elephant does Eric prefer? How would we survive a dinosaur apocalypse? Hamburger? These are the types of hard hitting questions submitted by fans for The Thread’s annual Q&A podcast. Prepare for awesomeness.

(Originally aired on 3/11/13)

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The Thread S4Ep11: The Unnecessary Movie Preview

The Thread crew previews upcoming spring and summer movies. Film categories discussed include: Comedies Mark Will Hate, Superhero Movies Probably Better Than “The Green Lantern”, and Why the F*ck is The Rock in So Many Movies.

(Originally aired on 2/19/13)

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The Thread S4Ep10: Not The Same TV Preview

The Thread crew previews new and returning television shows for the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Also highlighted is the series finale of “Fringe”.

(Originally aired on 2/5/13)

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The Thread S4Ep9: Winter Vacation

The Thread crew recaps what they did over their winter vacation. Movies, television, sports and video games are discussed.

(Originally aired on 1/22/13)

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The Thread S4Ep8: RIPCast 2012

As is tradition, The Thread crew reflects on some of the famous celebrity deaths of 2012 and makes their death predictions for 2013. Mark correctly predicted 2 out of 3 deaths this year, so pray you aren’t on his list.

(Originally aired on 1/2/13)

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The Thread S4Ep7: Return of the Star Wars

The Thread crew discusses the implications of Disney acquiring the rights to the Star Wars universe and what it means for the already announced “Episode 7”.

(Originally aired on 12/11/12)

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The Thread S4Ep6: Guy Tech 3.0

The guys pay homage to “A Christmas Carol” by discussing holiday tech gifts from the past, present and future. Also, jetpacks.

(Originally aired on 11/27/12)

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The Thread S4Ep5: Bacon Chocolate Chip Habanero Podcast

Suff likes meat in his mouth. The Thread discusses food, restaurants and cooking. Podcast includes interviews with the world famous Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ from this summer’s Harpoon BBQ Competition in Vermont.

Smokin’ Hoggz notes:
Won the 2011 Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition on 10/22/11

(Originally aired on 11/14/12)

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